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PREMIUM - Fitness Website Development +

From our custom Social Commerce Platform that allows for membership level, account communications, articles, blogs, forums and more, to commerce based sites, to a simple blog based platform, we can assist you in getting your presence established on the internet.

Advantages to building a fitness based website with us - While we can create websites for any industry, and have, we have content and partner fitness resources that make us very valuable to those working with fitness professionals or fitness enthusiasts.

  • Professional Site Construction
  • Optimized for Search, Social, and PPC
  • Cost effective web presence options
  • Inexpensive and worry free hosting fees
  • A website partner to keep you on track


Membership Site

Robust, custom, secure, feature rich, customizable, and with the ability to grow with your continuity community - Our G2 system provides you the social networking platform for your business, network, or association based group.

Tried and proven with our Fitness Pro Travel Network the Elite Platform will not only allow, but will enhance the benefits of crowd sourcing and online community interaction.


Our designers can help you to visually portray your business in a manner that is most effective online. Whether you're selling actual products or just presenting an informational "brochure" about your business.


The our programming partners at 782Media work in multiple languages to help you develop an easy-to-use, dynamic, database-driven online and/or desktop application. We do all the coding to build any custom system you may need. Want an ecommerce website built on a custom platform? We can handle it. Need an application submission system that you can manage easily from your own control panel? No problem. Whatever your needs and budget, we can accommodate and do our best to exceed all expectations.

Flash Animation

Need something extra spiffy for your web presence? If you're looking to build an animated presentation, our Flash animators can help. Though we don't suggest splash pages (surfers hate them), if you want to provide a special presentation to viewers, Flash is definitely your best choice (since most users already have the player loaded on their system). Our Flash experts can help present your message in a visually stunning, well paced and easy to follow presentation.


For a reliable hosting source, we can provide you with either a shared or dedicated hosting service.  The same discounts apply on monthly hosting as on design fees, saving you even larger sums over longer periods of time. (Beginning below $10/mo)


Don't forget that while the development of your website is extremely important, just building a website does not guarantee you any amount of visitor traffic. Our marketing associates can help you develop and manage not only an effective pay-per-click program with the major search engines, but we can also use our experience to build an effective SEO campaign to create an easy environment for search engines to crawl. Whatever your needs, whether it's a custom program or one of our pre-built applications, we can assist in getting you found.



Need a Professional Web Presence?

Our Partners Can Help With Your Larger Projects

The same programming and design specialists who managed the creation as well as the 2009 & 2012 upgrades of the Fitness Pro Travel website are making themselves available to all our fitness & sport professional members... At a SPECIAL FIT PRO RATE!
782Media Web Design

That's right, every premium member receives a discount! From 5%-15% reduced design and programming fees depending upon your membership level within FPT. That can be a nominal benefit with a simple brochure site to several hundred dollars in discounts for a dynamic custom design.

Freelance Developer Rates

Thinking that you might need a good HTML/PHP/Database developer?


Standard: $80/hour
Billed in 15 minute blocks with tasks ideally blocked into 1 hour or greater blocks.

There is no fee for initial consultations.

Urgent: $150/hour
Billed in 15 minute blocks with a minimum of 1 hour

If you need something done ASAP, we can attempt to clear our schedule to complete your needed task. Rates are significantly higher for these services.

Onsite: $150/hour + Travel Exp.
Billed in 30 minute blocks with a minimum of 2 hours

We don't expect to be doing any onsite work, but if you require us onsite for anything (including in-person training), we will work to accomplish a mutually agreed upon schedule. Travel and any necessary overnight expenses will be charged up front with incidentals billed after the consult.



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The Lower Cost Alternative

Simple and Inexpensive
Web Presence Solution

~ask for web presence basics~

  • Designed to Your Brand
  • Easily Editable by You
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Inexpensive Quality Presence
  • Interactive with Clients

Only $350 to set up and under $10 per month for hosting

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