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Highly Qualified Health, Fitness, & Sport Pro's:

An excellent option for the hospitality professional is the ability to provide various health and wellness services to your guests by a pre-screened expert in the field of your choice.  Our Fit Pro's are experienced and trained and available for short term, and some long term, assignment in your setting. Nearly every professional taking part in our programs have been North American trained, certified, and experience. ALL professionals have been pre-screened and are ready to provide their expertise to your guests.


Short video on the Work Exchange Program
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Working Vacations

  • Personal Trainers
  • Group Fitness Instructors
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Tennis Professionals
  • Squash Professionals
  • Spa Professionals


Hospitality Resorts - Cruise Lines - Specialty Communities:

If you would like to bring certified, educated, and experienced US and Canadian trained fitness & well professionals to your setting to provide services to your guests we'd be happy to talk with you and see how the thousands of prescreened professionals in our system can assist you.... CONTACT for further details on enhancing your guest services.



Our Program

Current programs are being offered now at various resort facilities throughout the Caribbean. Our Fit Pro's have been traveling and providing service for more than a decade with many satisfied customers.

The Pro's Working Vacation - Fit Pro's will travel to your setting, generally for one week stays. They provide their specialty to your guests for 1-3 hours each day. The remainder of the time they simply stay as any other guest.

The Hospitality Setting's Cost - Essentially Nothing... There are no monetary requirements of the facility.Fitness Pro Working Vacation A run of house room for the pro and their guest and food & drink during their stay. If you are an all-inclusive it is simply providing one of the standard vacancy rooms and then treating them like a guest when they are not working. For a non all-inclusive the pro would expect a stipend to off set the costs for boarding. The pro handles their own transportation and receives no financial compensation for their provided services.

The System - Our advanced online system allows the hospitality provider to create an account in order to log in and view who is scheduled to provide the requested service. From this view a photo and biography are available for promotional use by the resort. You are also able to block out specific dates where you know that seasonally your census is high.

To Create your account, click on the Fitness Pro Travel Logo.

Fit Launch and our dba companies do not sell member/customer contact information to third parties.

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Retreat Leader

If you would like our Pro's to utilize your resort location for their health related retreats, please contact us and we can go over various details to bring these groups to your setting.







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