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We have utilized and now work with Rick Ferraro of Reach Local. He has a strong understanding of the fitness industry and can work with you directly to make the seamingly difficult... easy.

Another example of a necessary business task that isn't taught to us with our certification exams - Advertising.

We educate ourselves to be outstanding in our profession. We work hard to stay up to date and be ready and available to our clients. What we soon find out is that we have to have a means and a plan for finding and convincing potential clients that we are able to help them reach their goals.

So, when we find out it doesn't just magically happen we take a big leap and create or have a web site created for us... Still, they don't just show up. Sooner or later you realize as I did that action is required to bring people to your web site so they can learn more about what you have to offer. There are many techniques we can talk about, with one of the most popular, most functional, and most direct being a Pay Per Click internet advertising campaign.

A confusing learning curve, yes - But a Solution Exists.

We have a solution that will provide (at no additional cost):

  • A specialist to assist in all set up
  • Targeted ads to only your local community
  • Campaign tracking programs and evaluation to determine which ads are generating the best results

Like you, we went through the struggles of trying to utilize only Google's pay per click advertising program (adsense). You can do it yourself, but what we found is that many hours were spent trying to figure out how to track, adjust, optimize, geo-target and simply manage campaigns. With Rick and Reach Local we found an individual willing to learn our business and a company that took care of all those difficult parts for us at no added cost.

Use the CONTACT FORM to let us know you'd like to have Rick Ferraro of Reach Local get in touch with you. Together he can direct your advertising campaign.

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ReachLocal takes the complexity out of local Internet advertising. We put together in one place everything local and regional businesses need to set-up, maintain, track and analyze local Internet advertising campaigns simply, affordably and comprehensively.

Major search engines such as Google®, Yahoo!, and MSN offer one of today's most affordable and effective advertising opportunities. And they are the ideal way to geographically target local consumers. Just look at the facts: There were 6.8 BILLION searches done in June 2006. 1. 43% of search engine users are seeking a local merchant to buy something offline and 54% of search users have substituted Internet/search for the phone book.


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