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For Immediate Release
FIT Launch & Reach Local
Pay Per Click (PPC) program details

7/08 - Snohomish, WA

FIT Launch, Inc., a Washington State corporation has contracted with Rick Ferraro, of Reach Local ( to be the select representative to their fitness community for pay-per-click internet advertising.

After utilizing Rick's services through Reach Local, Rick partnered with FIT Launch to provide his services personally to all affiliated fitness professionals. "I believe that my work with Tom Bomar, and FIT Launch, has given me a solid understanding of their industry and has positioned me well to be an 'expert' to this community of professionals," said Mr. Ferraro.

Reach Local will provide targeted internet advertising campaigns specific to the local market of each fitness professional. This will be done at no added cost to the fitness professional when compared to a standard self generated campaign as the internet search companies (google, yahoo, etc.) compensate Reach Local on the back end.

What does this mean to you as the Fit Pro?

It means that for the same price as you would pay to set up your own Google or Yahoo pay per click advertising campaign, you can now get:

  • A specialist to assist in all set up
  • Targeted ads to only your local community
  • Campaign tracking programs and evaluation to determine which ads are generating the best results

Like you, we went through the learning curve of trying to utilize only Google's pay per click advertising program (adsense). You can do it yourself, but what we found is that many hours were spent trying to figure out how to track, adjust, optimize, geo-target and simply manage campaigns. With Rick and Reach Local we found an individual willing to learn our business and a company that took care of all those difficult parts for us at no added cost.

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