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For Immediate Release and FIT Launch

1/08 - Snohomish, WA

FIT Launch, Inc., a Washington State corporation and, a California corporation, announce an exclusive partnership to offer healthy prepared meals for the dietary benefits of personal trainer clients. has been providing home delivered prepared frozen meals since 2005. The opportunity to work with FIT Launch and their affiliated network of fitness professionals will bring new avenues to reach the public with the MagicKitchen product line. Adjustments and additions to the current menu have been made to best fit the client needs of the personal trainer. A separate landing page for the fitness professionals is being established to offer maximum value for the training client.

FIT Launch will be the sole provider of affiliate programming to the health and wellness community for Affiliated pros will have the opportunity to provide simple text and graphic links for their website visitor as well as a personal code for clients to input when purchasing from According to Tom Bomar, Managing Director, "With 70% of clients weight loss programs hinging upon proper dietary intake, we are excited to offer this new opportunity to assist trainers and their clients in these efforts".

Program details can be found at

What does this mean to you as the Fit Pro?

It means you as a fitness professional don't have to worry about working outside your scope of practice. You also have the opportunity to combat what is generally about 70% of the reason why your clients fail to lose weight. Here is a few more benefits:

  • A program built specifically for the fitness professional
  • A discount code you can offer your clients
  • Simple affiliate graphic links you can set on your website and walk away
  • A personal code for clients to utilize should they not be following a link from your web site
  • Additional tools to assist you in estabilishing the proper package for each of your clients
  • 10% commission to you on all referred sales
  • Providing an excellent product that will greatly enhance your clients ability to reach their goals

We specifically sought out Magic Kitchen for this partnership. They have allocated resources to make an easily workable program for the fitness professional. They will continue to add features as we all develop ideas for working this program more efficiently.

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