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We spend quite a bit of time working with various Fitness Pros in many capacities. Many of the same issues come up over and over as new to the industry professionals quickly realize that it's great to know the biomechanics and physiology that occurs from exercise, but it matters little when you have no clients to benefit from that knowledge.

I've been in that same boat and it is a struggle. This is actually the reason why the Fit Pro Biz website was originally established. There's no need to reinvent the wheel and if you can move a head in your business or career without banging your head against the wall as many times as I have... we both will have something to feel good about.

Many, if not most business programs for the fitness industry tend to come with a big long sales letter and a bunch of b.s. fluff. When I found one that readily admitted they were sick of the sales letter as well I investigated further.

The Answer:
Mega Marketing cuts through much of the fluff and provides specific "systems" you can utilize to give your business / career a sustainable boost. The bonus is that it's moderately priced.

To keep this from being a "long sales letter" here are a few highlights and a link you can follow if you want to check it out.

  • How you can reactivate over 50% of the clients that used to train with you with a simple system we've used successfully for 3 years.

  • One online marketing strategy a close friend (and super-successful fitness pro) used that produced over $12,000 in new client sales from a $200 investment.

  • The secrets to (and tools necessary for) getting chiropractors, massage therapists, health food stores and dozens of other businesses that cater to your ideal client - promoting you to their loyal patient and customer lists.

  • Why most fitness pros neglect the easiest and cheapest ways to generate business from their websites. (They're so caught up writing sales copy and their latest e-book that they miss out on these easy money makers.)

  • How to successfully market your business on a shoestring! (We've done it all, from heath fairs and grocery shopping tours to TV and billboards...learn what works - and what doesn't.)

  • Strategies that produce at least 2 to 3 client referrals every month without you having to nag or annoy anyone. (We've developed an automated referral process that sends a steady stream of hungry prospects in the door month after month.)

  • How to get FREE advertising in the newspaper, TV, radio, and on the Internet, and how to turn it into high paying clients.

  • A little known marketing secret of the six figure fitness pros - that you can easily use to keep your clients coming back month after month.  They'll never look for or go to another trainer! (This is THE cornerstone of our marketing efforts...and it's not what you think!!!!)

  • How to instantly eliminate ALL of your marketing and business-building frustrations forever, using a result producing marketing and client-attraction System, that's GUARANTEED to consistently bring you clients...without having to spend mountains of money...

...and dozens of other client attraction tips and tactics and strategies.

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Hope the information is helpful and takes your business to the next level. I'd love to hear how it works for you after completion also. If you have trouble following the text links you can go to the following address to utilize them.

Tom Bomar

P.S. If you like the long sales letter, here's a solid program, but you get the joy of wading through the fluff before you get to the opportunity.
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