Fit Bodies, Inc and FIT Launch, Inc. are very happy to provide you a newly re-designed and re-tooled Fitness Pro Travel website.

  • Largest Fit Pro Only Web 2.0 'live web' community
  • More working vacation travel locations
  • Advanced notification opportunities
  • Content Marketing made easy
  • Revenue generation opportunities
  • Member's own product and service promotional tools
  • Introduction of fitness and sport professionals to enthusiast communities
  • A whole lot more

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fitness marketing

Final More Info


Taking a look inside Fitness Pro Travel. It's time to show you some new items that will better your travel, business, & friendships.

This is the FINAL INFORMATIONAL VIDEO SET to help you make an informed decision on your approach to your business/career and help you hit the ground running with the FPT launch happening this week!

  • Business Modules that will allow you to promote, advertise, feed your professional services inside and outside of the FPT community
  • Affiliate programs offering you multiple opportunities to generate continued residual income now and into the future
  • Side by side view of Account Options to select the scope of the tools you want to utilize

I hope there has been at least a little excitement generated knowing that something new is coming to the Fitness Pro Travel community.  If you missed last weeks update info on the project you can link to it <HERE>. If you missed the 2nd set of videos covering networking opportunities go <HERE>


Just like you, we started a ways back simply trying to make the world a healthier place one individual at a time.

With much trial and error we learned that you have to keep your business healthy in order to have the opportunity of getting our clients healthy.

The Business of Health & Fitness

The follow videos run through business & program promotions and content marketing opportunities and are born from the experiences we have had. These tools will provide a simple interface to excel your professional offerings. The expense to individually advertise your programs, jobs, or services can be extreme, especially when viewed over a years time. To have your content presented directly to customers can be a difficult task in the vast spaces called the world wide web.

These issues are addressed and made simple and economical with the multiple biz & events tools.

Additionally, the opportunities exist to create additional and recurring revenue with our affiliate programs. You will also learn that we have partner sites lining up that want to work with you and offer additional revenue generation options.

The following videos are relatively short-
Questions, ask away at the

View the Biz & Event features for potential use in your offerings:


We want the community to grow and we want you to benefit by helping us do so. See how it works:

We've eluded to the fact that optional membership levels will be available. Take a look at how that actually breaks down here:


I honestly can't fit in this series of videos all directions or all benefits to how this new Fitness Pro Travel will benefit you, but I've given it a shot... Thanks for sticking with me!

The exciting steps in phase II will be huge in presenting you and your services to consumers outside of our community. I look forward to working with you to optimize your experience at FPT

BONUS - Fit Bodies has thrown in one more item recently to hopefully make your decision even easier for some of you.


Those of you who sign in for the "Executive" membership will be notified the day before of the time of new date releases. There are always 10's to 100's of emails that come in each month asking for this information.

That information is now available to the select group that chooses this top level, but be aware that the size of that group will be limited.

We have a set number of slots available specifically because of this bonus, so that the value of that bonus is not diluted...

My guess is that if this is a clincher for you, you may need to have to act sooner rather than later.


Much of what has been talked about above has to do with the value of your knowledge. The tools created within the FPT site are built with the idea of helping you take advantage of this through "content marketing".

As before when my fitness industry friend Chris provided an interview on utilizing a blog, I am happy to have another two great bonuses for you.

  • Amanda Vogel provides a report on writing article content for journal publications.
  • Chris Knight released a Q&A interview on techniques for writing articles for internet distribution.

BONUS 2 - Media Insider's Report, by Amanda Vogel

7 Things Every Fitness Pro Must Know About the Working of a Journalist's Mind.

View the PDF Report

Amanda provides you some solid information when dealing with journalists. She also provides some excellent tips to help you make the most of your opportunity in these print media settings.

Amanda regularly writes for national and international magazines, including IDEA Fitness Journal, ACE Certified News, Cooking Light, Health, Fit Pregnancy, Fitness, Self and Shape.


BONUS 3 - "The Fine Art of Article Marketing"
by: Chris Knight

Kendall Summerhawk interviews Chris Knight, CEO & Publisher

View the PDF Report

Chris Knight is the owner of one of the premier article directory websites available.  His release of this interview to us is huge and the article marketing nuggets you will pick up from the interview are extremely valuable.

If you think this one is good, just wait. Chris has offered another audio and written version of the Seven Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make When Writing for the Web. This will be made available to all who purchase a specialty account when the new site opens for business later this week.


Previous FPT Bonus - Chris McCombs is a Fitness Professional consultant who I interview back in December for this purpose. You'll get some get insight as to why using a blog is so important and some great tips on how to best utilize one. Check it out at the BLOG.


NEW SITE LAUNCH - we are targeting for the middle of the week, of February 9th... probably Wednesday. Details on specific timing will be out by Tuesday morning.

There is work to be done in transferring all accounts and database content over, but I will provide more details on that very soon when we have an exact time scheduled. The site will completely shut down for a period of about 12 hours before the re-launch so the transfer of information can occur.

All existing members are considered "Founding Members" and have access to a free account, so at a minimum, nothing will change accept for some cool new features.

From launch time until Monday the 16th at 5:00 pm pacific time, special rates will be active for those who wish to upgrade to a "business" or "enterprise" level membership. Those prices will change AND the specialty member level bonuses will also be removed at the end of the launch period

Space is limited for Enterprise member numbers and while I have received many positive and even excited responses to these offerings, I have no idea how fast this level membership will go.


PS - If you do not yet have an account at Fitness Pro Travel, NOW is the time to do it. Everyone registered there before we kick off the new site is considered a "Founding" member and will be getting a very special rate offering as well as a couple extra "thank you" bonuses.




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