Fit Bodies, Inc and FIT Launch, Inc. are very happy to provide you a newly re-designed and re-tooled Fitness Pro Travel website.

  • Largest Fit Pro Only Web 2.0 'live web' community
  • More working vacation travel locations
  • Advanced notification opportunities
  • Content Marketing made easy
  • Revenue generation opportunities
  • Member's own product and service promotional tools
  • Introduction of fitness and sport professionals to enthusiast communities
  • A whole lot more

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fitness marketing



Taking a look inside Fitness Pro Travel. It's time to show you some new items that will better your travel, business, & friendships.

  • How we do next week, what we do today
  • Connecting with friends & colleagues
  • Communicating with connections
  • Utilizing personal, business, and travel photo's
  • BONUS - Webinar on using social media sites.

I hope there has been at least a little excitement generated knowing that something new is coming to the Fitness Pro Travel community.  If you missed last weeks update info on the project you can link to it <HERE>.

Today I want to step you inside the site and introduce you to the features that will make your travels with Fit Bodies more enjoyable. It will become more enjoyable because, you will be more informed on the location you are traveling after more feedback from others.

We will also take a look at a general overview, connecting with colleagues and friends, and adding photos. And, finally we'll looking into a couple different networking functions... If you are not aware of online networking or the power it can have in your career or business, I've added a little bonus at the end.

The following videos are relatively short-
Questions, ask away at the

Brief overview of new site and the working vacation search features:

Finding friends & colleagues, connecting, and communicating directly :

Taking advantage of adding photos and albums of your travels as well as personal and business functions:

The above demonstrated tools are more than just social and fun... although they are social and fun. These tools you will find to be useful as well. New programs and activities that you may be involved in and want others to know about, the natural viral-like spread of messages from live web sites is a great resource.

What makes this even more powerful is the opportunity you have to combine social media sites. We've included a plug in box so that certain types of communication allow you to insert yours or others content from the likes of YouTube. We have our eye on possibilities for doing this same partnering with other popular social media sites.

Myself and the Fit Bodies staff are no different from you. We have all provided fitness services locally in our communities in addition to trying to keep your working vacation options exciting.

These tools were built within this site with that thought in mind. Developing tools that can assist you during a rough economy; tools that will keep your specialty knowledge above par; and tools that will help you make better more informed decisions when taking advantage of the working vacation.

Did we open your eyes to some new features and peak your interest in those not touched on yet?


BONUS - If you've stuck with me this far today and made it to the bottom of the page, I'm happy to offer you this first re-launch bonus.

The video behind the following link was a short (half hour) program I put together last October/November that was given to the Insiders Club at FPB. It was when I gave them a look at what we were developing here as well as some ideas for taking advantage of other social media sites.

I hope you get some value from it as well.

~< Social Media as a Business Tool >~

After viewing the above videos you are now aware that we will have blogging features within the Fitness Pro Travel website. I will be setting up another bonus that I will release specifically on this topic tomorrow.

Chris McCombs is a Fitness Professional consultant who I interview back in December for this purpose. You'll get some get insight as to why using a blog is so important and some great tips on how to best utilize one. Check it out tomorrow at the BLOG.


PS - If you do not yet have an account at Fitness Pro Travel, NOW is the time to do it. Everyone registered there before we kick off the new site is considered a "Founding" member and will be getting a very special offering.

PPS - If you've been planning on booking a trip within the next couple weeks, no need to worry. Everything is up and operational at the moment at the current website and we will only close down for the last 12 hours before we open the new site.

Any orders you purchase between now and then will pass over as copying those types of information are what we'll be doing during that 12 hour down time.

Re-Launch expectations are for sometime the week of February 9th.



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