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Healthy Gatherings - Expansion

The FIT Launch™ program, Healthy Gatherings™ is being offered for expansion beyond the North West. Created by Amy Bomar in 2003, Healthy Gatherings has been provided to local community groups and via in home parties in the founders local area. She is pleased to announce that the program has developed and matured and that the consumer is hungry for this type of offering.

Now available to only certified personal trainers, Amy and FIT Launch are eager to bring the program to communities throughout the US.

The program provides a free interactive lecture covering nutrition, strength training, cardio-respiratory exercise, flexibility training, and the mind/body connection. "I have found that there is a huge disconnect between the general public and factual information regarding health & wellness. The sound bites from the news or magazines doesn't tell the whole story and by assumption many are misled," said Amy.

For participating fitness professionals, this program will help them connect with the 85% of the population that does not belong to a fitness facility. It also offers them the opportunity to provide various products and services to the audience. A large inventory is generally not wanted by an independent fitness professional and is not necessary beyond a few items for display at the home party.

Healthy Gatherings joins several other popular home party style business models. Amy said, "It has been shown many times over that achieving health & fitness related goals is more often accomplished when accountability amongst peers is established." The home party format is an excellent launching pad for providing current, accurate, and relevant health & wellness information to a friendly group that may prove helpful in holding each other accountable.


For further details on the Healthy Gatherings™ program you can visit the web site at http://healthygatherings.com.



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