Fitness Pro Travel, a FIT Launch, Inc. program has upgraded their fitness professional networking platform once again and released v2.1 this month

Information Release 3/10/10
The fitness professional education, business, and leisure service provider, FIT Launch ( is very pleased to announce their enhanced professional networking platform. Welcome G2 v.2.1

Since 2/2009 The Fitness Pro Travel Network ( has provided their fitness industry membership a social networking platform.  This platform and the many built in features have made great strides in enhancing the sites popularity amongst personal trainers, group fitness instructors, yoga instructors, and tennis coaches.

Tom Bomar, Managing Director of FIT Launch, Inc. stated, “The average daily visitor in the past year has increased by more than 300% and the daily new accounts has increased by more than 200%.  I have already seen this trend increasing even more with the most recent round of enhancements.”

Member account holders can connect accounts, send messages, create blogs, post jobs, events, and classifieds. They can also publish articles, recipes, and workout of the week. Premium accounts can establish and manage professional groups and generate revenue with affiliate referral programs.

Fitness Pro Travel is home to the Fit Bodies Teaching Vacation. In addition to many fitness professional networking features the site boasts more than 50 Caribbean resort opportunities for the fitness industry member to travel to along with their guest. Fit Bodies has been offering this service since 1995 and offering them solely through Fitness Pro Travel since 2003.



About FIT Launch, Inc.
Established in 1998, FIT Launch, a Washington based company, has offered educational programs to the fitness industry.  Offerings include foundational and continuing education trainings for the personal trainer, group fitness, and yoga professional.  Their Fitness Pro Travel ( program provides the largest, fitness industry only, on-line professional social network. For further information, visit or call 360-568-7448



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