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Posted by: | Posted on: November 4, 2011
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I was thinking today of adding another topic for those of you following along to keep you in the know for upcoming Fitness Pro Travel site.  There are many small changes you will see right away, several others you won’t notice at all, and still more to follow up shortly thereafter.

What sent a small chill down my neck was the fact that I need to update the entire fit travel tutorial series.

It’s not a huge deal, but will take some time.  I will send out another link for all who went through it the first time so that you have an opportunity to run through it once again and catch all the fine details of the site changes.

Separate of that and more an issue of appearance than function is the change to the top logo branding of the site.  Really, the prime advertising spot.  We, FIT Launch built this

community for the many benefits of the fitness professional, but we also built it with the concept of fitting perfectly with the offering of the

Fit Bodies, Inc. travel program.

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The majority of fitness professionals utilizing the site do so with the primary or a very near secondary intent of taking advantage of that program…. To better reflect that we simply are branding the site better reflecting our respective roles.

Instead of FIT Launch’s Fitness Pro Travel Community consigning the Fit Bodies Inc travel program; We are putting Fit Bodies front and center in the logo spot and simply noting to the side and bottom border that their opportunities are being offered within a FIT Launch Community.

No service changes to the user accept that we believe it may be a bit less confusing to new members.  Ultimately, we intend for it to be a part of providing the fitness professional outstanding service.

Are you one of those who had confusion over the travel program in the past? Do you think this might keep it a bit more clear when traveling that you are utilizing the Fit Bodies program?

….. Now, off to Fit Beach and we’ll talk more about what the new system will do to the Free vs. Premium accounts in the near future….

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  1. FitPro says:

    Geesh, here we are just 24 hours from site shut down for the platform move, and I still have to put these together for the new members. Busy weekend a head.

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