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We’ve been spending a bit of time trying to make more clear the Fit Pro Network and all the activities that happen there vs. the Fit Bodies Travel Program which is a stand alone as well as significant member/partner in the Fit Pro Network.

So, as you travel in and out of your FPT account, reviewing events, posting articles, reading articles, searching classifieds, joining or starting groups, networking, blogging, more more more…. You may notice that we are working harder to add distinction to this outstanding travel program.

One step that is now being taken is the weekly video cast being provided by Suzelle, owner of Fit Bodies, Inc.  When you login and go to Suzelle’s account, you can view her blogs which hold these informative video on many of the insider secrets of travel exchange in the Caribbean.

Here is last weeks specifically on travel to the Dominican Republic:

The teaching vacation is a great program that can save you and your family financially and bring you to some of the greatest Caribbean destinations available.  I met Suzelle and her company while on a teacher exchange program back in 2001 and am happy for all members of our Fit Pro Network that her programs are available and offered within the network.

Login to FPT and leave Suzelle a comment so these short informative video continue to roll.

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  2. No doubt it was C. C. Colton who was responsible for saying the quote – He that will believe only what he can fully comprehend must have a long head or a very short creed.

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