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Making it as easy as possible for you to find, select, and book the perfect setting for your Fit Bodies teaching vacation has always been a high priority at Fitness Pro Travel.
Improving this sorting & finding functionality has continued to be a prime goal in the current site changes as well.

Highlighting Some of the Options You’ll Have:

Search Box – similar to current and in the same left hand border available for you to utilize from the moment you log in.

Shop Travel Spots – is a section just below the search box that gives you a quick link to several new categories for searching by directory.

Travel Categories – the primary or root categories at FPT are the Pro Shop and the Travel Spots.  The categories under travel spots allow you to specifically pull up all resorts that meet that specific criteria.  They include:

  • By Country
  • By Specialty
  • By Family Resorts
  • By Adult Only Resorts
  • By Locations on Sale
  • By Resorts Accepting Multiple FitPros Each Week
  • By Available only to Premium Account Holders
  • By Locations Available to Basic Account Holders

Travel Spots Tab – (My Favorite) – From this top level tab of all pages you can access a directory of all resort options.  You also have access to each of the categories mentioned above. AND here you will find an alphabetical listing of each resort.  By clicking on any location on that list you are brought to a information or details page for that location.  You’ll get many details here and near the top you can click on “book now” to go to the booking page.  (there is also an email link to your resort consierge, a link to an resort group at FPT for this location, and a link to their facebook fan page).

Index Quick Search – The first time you come to the new Fitness Pro Travel site you will notice “Book A Trip” and “My Trips” links.  Book a trip allows you to quickly select a country and a date and then search.  Logged in or not you will see a list of any availabilities in the system that meet your selected criteria (to book you’ll need to login)

Sort Your Results – after you have followed any of the methods above you may come up with one result or up to 60 results depending upon how narrow of a search you do.  From however big that list may be you can now sort your results. You can do this by:

  1. Relevance
  2. Price (low to high OR high to low)
  3. Name (A to Z OR Z to A)
  4. Brand (A to Z OR Z to A)
  5. Average Rating

The bottom line is that you have many options in searching for a teaching vacation.  By trying a couple different methods out you will find the most efficient method to match your interests and personality up with the right location.

This will make for an ideal get a way for you and your guest!

Anyone have favorite methods in finding locations as it is now?  What else would help you best match up your ideal setting?

Until next time…..

(search the for the tag “NEW FPT” for all posts specific to the upcoming new website release)

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