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When you do log into your Fit Pro Travel account within the new fitness pro travel community website you may notice your first red warning pop up right off the bat.

There are several reasons you might run into one of these, credit card info entered incorrectly or failure to fill in all fields that are required in a form are common ones you might expect.  But, within the FPT community and the Fit Bodies teaching vacation program there are a few unique and new ones you may notice…


You need to add a profile photo“.  This message comes in a red box and lands at the top of your “my account” page until you add at least one image of yourself for your profile.  You may change the photo as often as you like, but if you remove it the red box message will be back to advise you once again…. A profile photo is required of all accounts prior to utilizing the travel program.        

Your specialties do not allow you access to this product“.  This message may appear if your approved specialties do not match the requested specialty options of the resort you are trying to access.  From your “edit profile” link in the Account drop down menu yo can scroll down to see all the specialties you are qualified for.  You can also follow the link there to see how to add other specialties.

Your account type does not allow you access to this product“.  As part of the new system the account types (basic, travel, medallion, & enterprise) have a few new accessibility differences. One of those new differences is that the free basic accounts can only access 15 teaching vacation options.  That means there is still room for a person to have a free account and use the travel program, but to have potential access to all 60 (btw- soon to be many more) teaching vacation opportunities you will have to invest in the community as any one of the premium accounts.

This was a tough compromise as the expenses of building and maintaining the teaching vacation program and the robust information & communication based website has been an expensive venture, but Suzelle really wanted to keep some options open for those who feel they cannot incur the added expense.

Each red warning pop up in the fitness industry community carries an explanation and most contain a link should you want further information.  Hopefully that will keep things clear for all.

Happy Travels.

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