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We’re just about to embark on the adventure of transferring all community and travel functionalities to the new platform.  Maybe “nervous excitement” is the best way to put it.

The Fitness Pro Travel site will be down starting at 6pm Pacific tonight until sometime Monday morning.

Fit Pro Travel New Look

Similar but Different

While we’ve been talking about these changes for the past two months, I am certain there will be some that will be caught by surprise.  That will likely make next week a busy week of answering questions.

For those of you who have taken the time to read through some of these recent blog posts, I hope that the transition is relatively simple…. I’ve added several links to the bottom of this post for you to reference if you want to look back at all of those sneak peak statements while the site is shut down for a couple days.

Final Site Update:

If you looked close enough to the above image you might have noticed the slight change in the look of the Fitness Pro Travel site.  This image change reflects a slight change in agreement on the areas that Fit Bodies and Fit Launch work together for various elements of the community. To you, the end user, functional procedures for your community and travel experience will be very similar.

Fit Bodies, Inc. will become the domain owner of and therefore we are updating the site to better reflect their presence and program within the site.

The community will run on FIT Launch’s Community Commerce Cart and Fit Bodies and FIT Launch will work together to service the many aspects and benefits that come with being part of this community.

I’ve covered quite a bit over the past two months.  I hope you’re excited for the slight yet significant functional improvements in coming this next week.  Your patience as we work out any kinks is appreciated.

Checkout these posts for various aspects of the changes to the Fitness Pro Travel website.

Still here and reading?  I just talked with Suzelle a few minutes ago. We wanted to come up with something to assist in easing the growing pains with operating a brand new system/website… Because their will likely be hiccups that you the user will find and ideally pass on to us to fix (in a friendly manor), she want to provide a small discount code you may use if you like to thank you for your patience and your assistance.

Watch for Monday’s email for details.

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