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Posted by: | Posted on: November 13, 2014
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sec-mbAt the Fitness Pro Travel website there are pretty much a continual stream of upgrades that happen all the time.  Some projects come in ones and twos while at times we put the programmers to work and have more than 10 significant projects happening at the same time.

Some of these are for functionality in the backend of the site.  Ideally the only way you will notice them are through enhanced services by the Fit Bodies or FIT Launch staff.  But, many are functional, procedural, or additional changes that you can utilize directly via your account on the front side of the site.

I’ll be dedicating several short posts to bring you (primarily Medallion and Enterprise members looking for the inside scoop) up to speed on happenings since summer.

Lets start with an easy one.

When you create your FPT account there is a simultaneous and automatic creation of your affiliate account.  This is where you can earn your TRAVEL REWARDS.  You access this area by logging into this account under the TRAVEL REWARDS tab.

We’ve recently added a quick summary at the top of your referrals list that totals points earned and also lists points redeemed.

It was simple but will save those of you earning those rewards from needing to scroll and jump pages to figure out where you stand in those earnings…. Hope that’s helpful.

Compare how membership types differ in the travel rewards earned (and other differences)

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