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Posted by: | Posted on: April 22, 2014
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We’ve been consistently updating and adding several tweaks to the Fitness Pro Travel website (home of the fit pro network).  Ideally, we’ve worked off of updates that make more intuitive your navigation and make for the best experience when taking part in a fitness vacation.Montpelier-beach

Most recently changed that is important to you:

  • The MY ACCOUNT tab was changed to COMMUNITY.  Currently the same content resides there, but community better describes the features of the page.  The activity stream, links to connecting with others, and access to all your accounts functions that allow it to communicate to others can be found there.  You still have access directly to the teaching vacation search functions as well.
  • The TRAVEL SPOTS tab is now BOOK A TRIP.  Again, the content remains but the tab better describes the intentions of this page.  You can pick a resort by name to reach it’s details page, go page by page through every opportunity, click on all the main categories, or again access the search box if you like that route.
  • The Basic Search box now gives you the option for seeking out your fitness or sport teaching vacation based on the ADULT or FAMILY type of resort you are seeking.  The bringing kids vs. those bringing no kids seems to be a fundamental search feature many were looking for.
  • Finally in this most recent bunch of front side changes are a few additions to the checkout process when you book a teaching vacation.  Now during checkout you will be prompted to update your profile (very important to resort destinations) as well as designate who is coming with you and the bed arrangement you are looking for.  This will make the Fit Bodies booking details tracking easier and reduce the number of emails we must pass with you after you book your trip… good for all of us. 🙂

More to come, but I want to be sure those of you who use the network are kept up to date directly with functional changes so you can continue to take full advantage of your many account benefits beyond the teaching vacation.

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