Favorite Fit Pro Teaching Vacation Things

Posted by: | Posted on: December 18, 2013
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Noticed this tag line on the end of Denise Cox’s, VP for Fit Bodies, Inc., email signature.  Reminded me of why I need to get my own trip scheduled again soon and that they’re too good not to share with you.

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most favorite things about working as a fitness professional at a resort

1.    Taking a run early in the morning on the beach
2.    Having my egg white omelet made to perfection every morning
3.    Exploring new and interesting places
4.   Meeting people from all over the world
5.    The opportunity to spread fitness to “newbies”.
6.   Spending one on one time with my friends
7.   Getting to decide which restaurant to have dinner
8.    Seeing how far I can wade out in the crystal clear water and still see my toes
9.    Finding a local restaurant to enjoy the exquisite fish caught the same morning
10. And my most favorite, drum roll please, . . . watching the sunset every evening, enjoying natures kaleidoscope of colors while being served my favorite beverage.

And, all of that without even a mention of the thousands of dollars you save on that all-inclusive vacation for you and your guest.  That makes all the above even better.

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