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shareSometimes you can get so close to something you lose site of the bigger picture.  You narrow in the things that yo deal with regularly and miss or forget related things that may be happening around you.  This can happen within your fitness business or really any area of your life.

I was just this morning reminded of how easily this happens and am happy I stumbled into falling back to see what was happening around me and that I had been missing.  Lucky for you, what I realized is a benefit to every fit pro who enjoys the caribbean teaching vacation programs.

Everything Fit Bodies” is a simple little vlog Suzelle started a few years back.  She hadn’t been promoting it much and I, along with likely many of you, forgot all about it… Today I see there is a huge resource (104 episodes) available on various locations and topics dealing with her teaching vacation program.

Scroll through and you are certain to find details covering common questions you may have.

Here’s the most recent episode covering a handful of common FAQ’s

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