Booking A Resort Fitness Teaching Vacation

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Only 3 weeks to new platform launch

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We’ve covered the methods for updating your fitness professional profile at Fit Pro Travel.  We then covered the various ways to search and select the location for your teaching vacation at a tropical Caribbean resort that best fits you and your guests preferences.

Today, lets cover your booking process…

First, know that when you utilize the Fit Bodies teaching vacation programs, don’t wait for them to call you.  You’re account has been reviewed and its up to you to review the travel opportunity options and follow that up with adding specific dates to your cart for your own fitness teaching vacation.

Second, recall that if you can navigate to the booking page (the one with “add to cart”) your account is approved to book any available dates from the drop down date menu.

Within the new Fitness Pro Travel platform the booking process is very much the same as it is currently.  There are two significant differences:

  1. As mentioned in a previous post, Basic Accounts (free accounts) will only be able to access 15 potential teaching vacation locations.  All good, but you will be limited beyond what your specific specialty qualifications allow you to access.
  2. You will now designate from a second drop down menu on each travel product which specialty you will be traveling as.  Several resorts provide “either/or” options for the types of skills the pro must posses to utilize the program at their location.

As an example – you may have both ‘group fitness instructor’ and ‘yoga instructor’ as qualified positions for your account.  You may come to a product that offers the travel opportunity to group fitness OR yoga OR personal trainer.  You would be able to designate any of those three as the specialty you would be traveling under.

  • group fitness would be fine, and you would have just designated this as your primary specialty to be utilized on your exchange trip
  • yoga instructor would be fine, and you would have just designated this as your primary specialty to be utilized on your exchange trip
  • But – it would be wrong to designate personal trainer as you do not have that specialty approved in this example.  in the end fit bodies would catch that error as would the resort eventually on arrival, but all in all it will be much easier if you carefully and appropriately select the specialty type you will be traveling under. (you do have to designate at booking).

You’ll pretty much be able to do as you’ve always done in the actual booking process with only those few tweaks…. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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