Wisdom from Plummer

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I have always found short articles and quips from Thomas Plummer to be of value.  He has a way of taking big issues within a fitness business and breaking them into understandable and manageable chunks.  Following is a FaceBook post of his that is no different and worth a share and endorsement of Tom.

Here are 3 things I wish every trainer would think about.
#1 is if the client doesn’t get results, you failed, not the client. It isn’t about you, it’s about getting the client successful and if he doesn’t get it done it means you didn’t get it done and we can’t blame him no matter how many potato chips he ate.
#2 You have to live and teach in the client’s world, not yours. Just because extreme health and fitness is your life does not mean this approach works for the average client. His world is about modest goals met slowly, kids and work, and not committing to a 6 day a week workout schedule, no alcohol, just road kill and living to workout. We have to change him in his world, not drag him into ours.
#3 is to learn there will always be that hard core group who thinks you are a rock star and they will follow you to the grave, but they also do everything they can do to keep the group small and elite. This group will drive out every decent member who “can’t keep up.” This is why so many CrossFits struggle and so many training gyms fail. You can’t have the hard core group dictating the atmosphere and constantly screaming for harder and harder when you are trying to make money in a real business.

Influences on Clients and Athletes

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If you’re one who works with young athletes you’ve likely ran into a variety of abilities as well as influences which have shaped those abilities or lack there of.  Often the first job for the trainer is combating or supporting those influences.

Under conditioned or over conditioned athletes each present different obstacles and challenges that the trainer must address.

The foundations of movement and core development are not always in place and yet often the athlete/client has ‘progressed’ beyond to more advanced or targeted programming.

Our job tends to be one of convincing our clients the things that they do least often or that they may even like the least are often exactly what they need for appropriate balanced training.  It can be a tough sell sometimes as the path of least resistance is always easier to follow.  Whether through education, encouragement or even with a dash of trickery you know adding a variety of elements are necessary to promote health and function.

What tactics do you use for encouraging and promoting these necessary elements to your clients, athlete or not?

Hedo is Happening Again

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For many years Fit Bodies has provided fitness and tennis professionals to the Hedonism resort in Negril Jamaica.  As a matter of fact, that is where that company got its start.

After being out of the Fitness Pro Travel community for nearly a year, the resort is back with new ownership yet a familiar attitude.

As of just a few minutes ago dates have been opened for all Enterprise members.  One of the many benefits of your membership is having first shot at new resort availability.  Tomorrow Medallion members will be able to review and book dates followed by Travel members on Wednesday.

Welcome back Hedonism II

Teaching Vacation Photos

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Swimming pool at the Town and Country resort i...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve seen many posted to personal account albums as well as many shared to the resort albums for all to enjoy.  I enjoy seeing the resorts and happy vacationing Fit Pros and so does the Fit Bodies staff… so much so they’re offering a prize to encourage even more.

Further details on the photo contest can be found HERE

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Fitness Coach Mentor

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Mentors can be invaluable in your own development as a fitness professional. Not only will you have the easiest path to advancing the foundation you’ve built through education, but you will likely save yourself many headaches that are often part of that learning curve.

Personal and Coaching Mentors can from many different areas and may provide you much more than the simple technical aspects of your profession. Perseverance, attitude, focus, determination, motivation are all examples that you may pick up in addition.  Take an objective look to ensure that your mentor is actually providing you positive and beneficial non skill based values.

I personally had an outstanding mentor in the world of athletics who recently passed on.  I invite you to learn more about him and some of the values that he share with me.

Frosty Westering – http://workoutsforathletes.com/sport/wellness/i-miss-frosty/

Frosty Westering

Frosty Westering – Coach, Mentor, and Friend  –  http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/44702352/


FitPro Community Website Tweaks

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No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you…

If you visit http://fitnessprotravel.com the fitness industry community and home to the Fit Bodies Teaching Vacation website today or into the future things look the same but just a bit different as well.

Most noticeable will not be the slight change on the login page, but the second page you come to (unless you are being prompted to renew your account) will be very different. Previously it was the MY ACCOUNT page you landed on after signing in. Now it will be a refreshed home page with

  • lists of the most recent locations booked
  • upcoming events
  • most recently joined members
  • quick search tool

No worries though if you liked that MY ACCOUNT page. Just click on the tab labeled the same and you’ll be taken straight there.
Happy Travels!

To Enterprise Or Not

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tutorial-smI receive several questions each week regarding the Fitness Pro Travel community.  The questions tend to fall into one of two categories, membership account functionality or fitness travel teaching vacation procedures.  When I get repeated questions or questions that cover a wide range I like to share them here as an easy reference point for similar future questions… and of course the benefit of those who happen to just be reading along.

I am interested in possibly purchasing the Enterprise account package, but I would like to make sure that it will benefit me as a traveling Yoga Teacher….

For access to all location opportunities for your specialty you are only required to have one of the specialties (Travel, Medallion, or Enterprise).  What Enterprise does for you in this respect that the other two do not is provide you earlier access to dates.  Basically, you have a window of about a month into the future of whatever dates are currently available on the site to call and reserve at the Fit Bodies office.  This helps many who want first shot at Spring break, holiday travel dates, or something significant to them.  You basically beat the rush that happens each time new dates are opened up.

As far as other things that you would gain with an Enterprise:

  • 10% discount on all orders – helpful to frequent travelers.
  • Higher referral commissions – provides 20% commission on referrals who sign up for a premium account and 2% on any future purchases they make for travel or otherwise.  Medallion and Travel have similar program, but at a lower commission rate.  Great for anyone with a list or workplace of many other fitness professionals.
  • Promotional abilities – events, jobs, classifieds, etc. all have large limits for the Enterprise account.  If you provide workshops or are an employer this allows you to use these tools within a community of 16000 fitness professionals saving big dollars over similar marketing avenues.
  • Advertising ability – We have a couple rotating ad sites which can be seen by logged in members as well as non logged in people who visit certain pages.  You can add two graphic ads that link directly to your website or similar.  Generally these would be expensive via outside sources as well.  Medallion members can post one graphic ad.
  • Discounts – In addition to the automatic purchase discounts, there is approximately a $150 savings on attendance to the Fit Beach Conference each year as well as several discounts and bonuses from our partners who offer specials to our community.

These benefits are good for the entire year of your membership.  There is a full list of benefits when you go to the side by side page for each account.  Access that when logged in by clicking on the UPGRADE/RENEWAL INFO link from the drop down under the ACCOUNT tab.

*As an Enterprise member you are truly a VIP in the community.  What that means is that you get personal help in utilizing any of these account features, we’ll even provide some creation assistance if you need to get these in place… Fitness Pro Travel Teaching Vacations


Do You Build Programs Based on Your Bro

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I posted this to a blog I use for my athletic clients.  Mostly high school athletes who easily buy into any claim of great bicep potential.  As a fit pro it can also pertain to us and where we get the info…

Model Jackie Coey with Mr. Los Angeles contest...~~

I don’t often spread the advice from bodybuilding.com, mainly because I’m not training a bunch of competitive bodybuilders. But because we do visit hypertrophy (bodybuilding-esk) training from time to time I do pay attention to their conversation. They sometimes come out with some great info like this one from Lifting Lingo Made Easy article.

Bro-Science, def.

“Ignorance cloaked as “science” is bro-science, mostly because it’s tossed around by guys at the gym who failed chemistry and biology in high school, but picked up a few science-y sounding words in the last issue of Muscular Development. Bro-science is more anecdotal than scientific. It’s born in the gym, not in the lab.


Incline Curl

Even so, bro-science can occasionally be useful. Our advice: Take any sentence that begins, “Hey, bro,” with a grain of salt.”

So, hey bro, who you paying attention to with your program design?


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Plyometrics with Your Athletes

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Due to jammed fingers, @jebsonj does some plyo...

@jebsonj doing plyometrics. (Photo pomranka)

It can be challenging sorting out the what and when of adding plyometric exercises to your athletes training programs.  I have tried all sorts of variations and haven’t necessarily found one time to be significantly beneficial over another.

That is considering all things being equal and the athlete is not already deplete of energy.

I am coming to realize that these activities are likely the most important for the strength coach to pay the most attention to.  Young athletes tend to think a couple scoops of creatine and 500 box jumps at a 48″ box are the keys to athletic success.  If left to their own direction (and you’ve likely seen the ones who only follow their own drum beat) something similar to this is what they’re up to.

Plyometrics as well as any explosive training is much more about

Biceps for Sport

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Working for the past few years with young athletes and especially this past year and a half with primarily high school athletes, I have realized that no matter how much things have changed they very much stay the same.

English: Frank Zane, three times Mr.Olympia wi...

English: Frank Zane, three times Mr.Olympia winner (1977,1978,1979) Columbus, Ohio, United States ??????: ???????? ????? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My days as an athlete at the same high school where I now provide services to the kids as a strength coach were spent following bits and pieces of advice from a couple well meaning coaches and yet getting the bulk of my information and motivation from guys like Joe Weider, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno and Tom Platz.

I played several sports other than bodybuilding and yet my programming was built around the bodybuilding model.

Better biceps and a bigger chest were motivators for most of us at that time.  Being a bit stronger was a nice cross over benefit for other things in life but not the focus.

Here we are 30 years later and while the science of exercise & sport has come light years along the prime motivators for at least the majority of males has changed very little.

I still respect those former bodybuilders and the motivations they provide, but now I follow the lead of several folks who develop programming with a mixture of science and art to enhance performances that are a bit more specific to the actual sports participated in.  Vern Gambetta ? @coachgambetta, Mike Boyle @BodybyBoyle, Dan John, Eric Cressy @EricCressey, to name a few of those I might now refer to as my strength training mentors.

A recent article in Club Industry magazine spoke directly to club operators addressing these youth programs.  Several of the suggestions from the article I have found to be accurate in my experience.

Teen athletes and their motivations need to be to some extent accepted.  They apparently aren’t changing a great deal over the years, so accept or not the motivators will be the same.

I am finding that while I would love them to follow my