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The new fitness platform is not the step, bosu, or any other exercise tool.  This fitness platform is the underlying technology that has been created and put into action for the Fitness Pro Travel website?

Yoga or Fitness on the Beach

Your Fitness Specialty in the Tropics

Now, only two days away the move will begin.

A couple more things i want to cover with you this time to ensure all 13,000 members are prepared:  1) The site will be shut down on Friday the 30th at 11:59pm EST.  2) Have you take a look at the side-by-side view of each of the premium account types.

Getting a bit more indepth on those…


Friday the 30th, 11:59pm Est we will be putting up a “under construction” type of sign letting you know we started the move to the new social commerce platform.  If you a need to check on a date or make a booking you’ve been planning on, Fit Bodies is still open for business.  You can reach them at Phone: 859-341-0830

We expect the site to be once again live with it’s slightly new look, new searchable features, new account access, and new premium benefits by Monday morning.


Following is a link to the side-by-side review of each of the membership types.  A few highlights everyone will want to notice…

all premium account types will go up in price on the 15th of January.  *two weeks to check it out and upgrade your account prior to the rate change.

basic accounts will have limited access.  all intentions are to always have a free option available with great choices, but now those choices will be limited to just under 1/4 of the total options available to those who invest in the community and program via premium accounts.

The upper level premium accounts, medallion and enterprise, will now receive an automatic reduction in fees by 5% and 10% respectively in addition to their other benefits.

Options have been created that allow for change requests up to 45 days prior to travel.  The fee for taking action on this change option varies from $150 to $50 running from Basic to Enterprise.

With just these few items you can easily view the value of premium membership depending upon your use of your account and travel habits. The following link will bring you to the current side-by-side listing of all account features.
These are still subject to change at any time, but there are a couple that could moderately change by Monday.  🙂

==>Fit Pro Account Side-By-Side<==

Those of you who have already upgraded, your set.  Although you might want to renew if it’s not too far away (another new feature is under the ‘account’ tab you can see when your renewal is due now) you may want to grab it before the fees rise just a bit on the 15th of January.

I’ll follow up this weekend to let you know how things are going.  Any questions?


One Comment to A New Fitness Platform

  1. Tom says:

    JUST IN –
    Let me clairify a bit on the limited access of the Basic Accounts. While the encouragement of all fitness professionals to take advantage of the premium account opportunities is encouraged and very helpful in the expanding functionality of the fitnessprotravel.com website, it is only partially correct that you can only access 15 resort opportunities.

    It is better stated that you can access only 15 random specialty opportunities at a time.

    The 15 that are listed there are rotated each week. If you are patient and want to take a chance that your ‘ideal’ dates may or may not be available when the ‘ideal’ property rotates into that category… you can eventually have access to every opportunity in the community. It will likely be a bit over a month before all location/specialty opportunities rotate through.

    The disadvantage that may still remain for you if you choose not to take advantage of the less than $4 per month ‘travel’ (or better) membership is that when a smoking special discount code comes through or a sale from a particular hotel brand is available, you will only be able to access what happens to be in the “basic” category at that time.

    Bottom Line – Options are open and the choice is yours.

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