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10’s of thousands of fitness and sport professionals have already joined the Fit Pro Community.  Nearly all to take advantage of the Fit Bodies teaching vacation program sandals-rcand many taking advantage of the additional community features specifically for the Fit Pro.

  • Posting Fitness Events
  • Advertising Websites and Businesses
  • Offering Products & Jobs in the Classifieds
  • Earning Commissions and Travel Rewards
  • Take a side-by-side look at all options for each membership type

If you have not yet created an account there we encourage you to do so and take advantage of the opportunities as many others are already.

Our FIT Launch Elite Platform provides the foundation for all community interaction and account benefit.  Fit Bodies utilizes this platform to assist you in researching and booking your favorite teaching vacation opportunity.  Connect directly with other Fit Pro’s who have traveled to your locations of interest before or simply connect and share on any fitness or sport related topic.

Create a Fit Pro Travel account today!

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