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Fit Pro Bo: What Else We Have Going On

This page will be your quick list to various health & wellness programs we are offering. I’ll then throw in a listing of some partners that I have worked with or know of their fitness product or service that may be of interest. And, finally I will take the time to list out the majority of the various websites we own outright or operate in some type of partnership in.

Let me know if you have thoughts or questions about any
of them.

*Any discounts will be listed near the end of the description section.

Fitness Pro Travel

Fitness Professional’s community, hosting the Fit Bodies teaching vacation. Newly added to the community is multiple *live web* elements, so look me up when you get there. Membership levels to the community give you great opportunities to promote your own services inside and outside the site. Also with those
premium account types come various discounts and earning potential through affiliate programming… be sure to look over those details.
The parent company to our many fitness professional and fitness enthusiast offerings.
This company began in 1998 providing fitness professional education and was started by my wife Amy (she’s got the real brain here).
If bringing a practical based education program to your facility is of interest to you and your fitness staff, check out this site and contact us to set it up.
The “Healthy Home Party” site.
For fitness enthusiasts there is a great site filled with quality health & fitness products. Additionally, you can request a fitness professional come to your home to speak and play with you and your friends.
For the fitness professional you will find a great opportunity to join as a Healthy Gatherings Educator. Great opportunity to present in front of new small groups and generate added income through product sales.
Snohomish County, Washington offerings:
Fitness Gatherings is our local face, filled with enthusiast offerings for our community. Personal training, yoga training,
small group training, and boot camps are all offered within our studio.
The most fun AND informative fitness conference available. While geared to fitness professionals, the all-inclusive resort location makes this conference appropriate for the interested enthusiast as well.
Held in Jamaica – Very Cool
You will find several of these “fitness business opportunities” within the fit pro biz web site. We are continually on the lookout for great opportunities that can fit well within an existing fitness business or even be used as a primary business model.
Why settle for a ‘diet’ that is unbalanced and unhealthy. After all, what good is being ‘thin’ if you’re unhealthy? Diet Grader is different. We care about your health and with our patent-pending program, all your meals are automatically balanced for optimal health, wellness and specific to your goals
Fit Pro Insiders Small group business coaching program
offered a couple times each year. I cover product/service launches, simple website establishment, search engine optimization, social media marketing, list building, affiliate programs… In the end, we cover whatever additional areas the particular group is most interested in… let me know if you want to be informed at the start of the next program.