Travel Rewards When You Tell A Friend

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For the past 12 years that I’ve been involved with the Fitness Pro Travel, I’ve watched the community grow and know the majority of the time it’s been via word of mouth.  Sometimes that word of mouth is known as it’s tracked when the member professional uses their special link and the affiliate connection is made, but most often not.

fpb-chest-bigSuzelle and the Fit Bodies team came up with a great idea to help you out.  Not only make telling your friends and colleagues easier, but to also help you make the affiliate connection so the travel reward earnings can be yours.

As I’m sure you recall, the amount of travel rewards earned is directly correlated to the type of account you have.  You can see account differences here.

When you login to your account, go to the community tab on the top right.  The page you come to not only has the community activity stream, but also has a link for you to login to your travel rewards area.  Once you login there, the links tab on the left takes you to a simple Tell-A-Friend tool where you can send a message to any email address and included with that message will be a link for that person to follow back to the Fitness Pro Travel site.  If they haven’t been there before and they sign up, an automatic connection is made you you may start earning Travel Rewards points.

Bottom line for the Fit Pro’s… New tool available for you to use to share and earn travel reward points for use on your next teaching vacation.

Everything Fit Bodies

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shareSometimes you can get so close to something you lose site of the bigger picture.  You narrow in the things that yo deal with regularly and miss or forget related things that may be happening around you.  This can happen within your fitness business or really any area of your life.

I was just this morning reminded of how easily this happens and am happy I stumbled into falling back to see what was happening around me and that I had been missing.  Lucky for you, what I realized is a benefit to every fit pro who enjoys the caribbean teaching vacation programs.

Everything Fit Bodies” is a simple little vlog Suzelle started a few years back.  She hadn’t been promoting it much and I, along with likely many of you, forgot all about it… Today I see there is a huge resource (104 episodes) available on various locations and topics dealing with her teaching vacation program.

Scroll through and you are certain to find details covering common questions you may have.

Here’s the most recent episode covering a handful of common FAQ’s

Detailing the Benefits

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The Fit Bodies teaching vacation is one of the greatest benefits of joining the Fitness Pro Travel Community.  The opportunity to present your skills internationally in amazing settings while saving thousands of dollars is simply awesome.

Montpelier-plantation-beachIn order to provide you the most up to date information on the countries and resorts where these opportunities exist we decided long ago to establish a community setting within our website so that members can easily communicate with each other.  Many of the 24000 fitness professional membership take advantage of this to attain the most current info on schedule, staff, and settings prior to their trip.

In building the community we saw the opportunity to provide many more tools that may be of benefit to the membership.

Fit Pro Account Type Benefit Diffrences

With the recent updates we have added a couple tools that will help you keep up on the benefits and tools available for each of the membership types BASIC, TRAVEL, MEDALLION, and ENTERPRISE.

*We’ve added a side by side view of each Fit Pro Membership which you can access whether logged into your account or not.

  • When logged in you can access the side by side any time from the COMMUNITY page.

*You’ll now find a graphic question mark next to each benefit. Hover over it for a small pop up window that gives a few brief details about that specific benefit. (the content of these boxes are currently being updated, but the basic info there now is accurate)

What Account Type Am I?

With only annual membership designation required, the question “please help me remember which membership type I have” does come up.  Here are a couple ways you can check at any time.

  • Take a look at your profile.  When viewing MY PROFILE you will see a graphic badge in the upper right corner of the page.  This badge has the first letter of whichever membership type you have.  B=BASIC, T=TRAVEL, M=MEDALLION, E=ENTERPRISE.
  • When logged in and viewing the Upgrade/Renewal page you will find the membership type you currently hold is toggled at the top of this page.  You can access this page under the ACCOUNT tab on the COMMUNITY page or by follow the graphic links in either border of this same page.

So with this info, what to do… Review your membership type, take a look at the many benefits that come with it, and take advantage of the items that fit your fitness professional services.  And, if you have questions on how an insider might use those tools ask in the comments or join the insiders by becoming an Enterprise Member.

Fitness Pro Travel Community Upgrades

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sec-mbAt the Fitness Pro Travel website there are pretty much a continual stream of upgrades that happen all the time.  Some projects come in ones and twos while at times we put the programmers to work and have more than 10 significant projects happening at the same time.

Some of these are for functionality in the backend of the site.  Ideally the only way you will notice them are through enhanced services by the Fit Bodies or FIT Launch staff.  But, many are functional, procedural, or additional changes that you can utilize directly via your account on the front side of the site.

I’ll be dedicating several short posts to bring you (primarily Medallion and Enterprise members looking for the inside scoop) up to speed on happenings since summer.

Lets start with an easy one.

When you create your FPT account there is a simultaneous and automatic creation of your affiliate account.  This is where you can earn your TRAVEL REWARDS.  You access this area by logging into this account under the TRAVEL REWARDS tab.

We’ve recently added a quick summary at the top of your referrals list that totals points earned and also lists points redeemed.

It was simple but will save those of you earning those rewards from needing to scroll and jump pages to figure out where you stand in those earnings…. Hope that’s helpful.

Compare how membership types differ in the travel rewards earned (and other differences)

Questions on this??? Ask me below.

Contact Us / Send Us an Email

Summer Fit Pro Travel Fun

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Suzelle has a new email coming out tomorrow, but here’s your chance to access it a bit early.

View the Summer Fun newsletter

Membership Has Benefits

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Your Fitness Pro Travel Membership has benefits.  Actually many benefits depending upon the membership type you decide on.

Whether your only intent is to take full advantage of the teaching vacation programs or to utilize the targeted promotional tools, or a combination of each… you’ve joined into the right fitness community.

Check the options out side by side now


Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Availability

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Lisa Says — SECRETS PUERTO LOS CABOS has some summer availability that is discounted by $150! Check the product’s date openings to see these discounts. I taught there in December and it’s the BEST FOOD!

Los Cabos, BCS

Los Cabos, BCS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Fitness Pro Travel News

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DJ-iconNew information via the newsletter just went out.  If you want or need to refer back to it follow the link below.  We’ll keep you updated and as a premium account VIP member, feel free to message here if you have any questions.

  • -Summer sessions on sale for select dates and positions
  • -Learn about Medical Fitness Network (MFN) and how it benefits wellness professionals


Fit Pro Network Tweaks

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We’ve been consistently updating and adding several tweaks to the Fitness Pro Travel website (home of the fit pro network).  Ideally, we’ve worked off of updates that make more intuitive your navigation and make for the best experience when taking part in a fitness vacation.Montpelier-beach

Most recently changed that is important to you:

  • The MY ACCOUNT tab was changed to COMMUNITY.  Currently the same content resides there, but community better describes the features of the page.  The activity stream, links to connecting with others, and access to all your accounts functions that allow it to communicate to others can be found there.  You still have access directly to the teaching vacation search functions as well.
  • The TRAVEL SPOTS tab is now BOOK A TRIP.  Again, the content remains but the tab better describes the intentions of this page.  You can pick a resort by name to reach it’s details page, go page by page through every opportunity, click on all the main categories, or again access the search box if you like that route.
  • The Basic Search box now gives you the option for seeking out your fitness or sport teaching vacation based on the ADULT or FAMILY type of resort you are seeking.  The bringing kids vs. those bringing no kids seems to be a fundamental search feature many were looking for.
  • Finally in this most recent bunch of front side changes are a few additions to the checkout process when you book a teaching vacation.  Now during checkout you will be prompted to update your profile (very important to resort destinations) as well as designate who is coming with you and the bed arrangement you are looking for.  This will make the Fit Bodies booking details tracking easier and reduce the number of emails we must pass with you after you book your trip… good for all of us. 🙂

More to come, but I want to be sure those of you who use the network are kept up to date directly with functional changes so you can continue to take full advantage of your many account benefits beyond the teaching vacation.

Favorite Fit Pro Teaching Vacation Things

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Noticed this tag line on the end of Denise Cox’s, VP for Fit Bodies, Inc., email signature.  Reminded me of why I need to get my own trip scheduled again soon and that they’re too good not to share with you.

Go to Fitness Pro Travel to join the community and access the teaching exchange!

most favorite things about working as a fitness professional at a resort

1.    Taking a run early in the morning on the beach
2.    Having my egg white omelet made to perfection every morning
3.    Exploring new and interesting places
4.   Meeting people from all over the world
5.    The opportunity to spread fitness to “newbies”.
6.   Spending one on one time with my friends
7.   Getting to decide which restaurant to have dinner
8.    Seeing how far I can wade out in the crystal clear water and still see my toes
9.    Finding a local restaurant to enjoy the exquisite fish caught the same morning
10. And my most favorite, drum roll please, . . . watching the sunset every evening, enjoying natures kaleidoscope of colors while being served my favorite beverage.

And, all of that without even a mention of the thousands of dollars you save on that all-inclusive vacation for you and your guest.  That makes all the above even better.