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The absolute most beneficial resource to anyfitness professional or business is membership to the FPT Network.


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Fitness Products Resale

We have numerous health and wellness products available for you to add to your product and service mix.  Personal Trainers tend to work simply from hour to hour, client to client. Add a secondary revenue stream with great products for your clients via resale or affiliate.     <more>


Affiliate Trainer / Presenter

We are often contacted from potential clients as well as by our partners for affiliate trainers for one on one training, corporate wellness presentations, and more. Contact us if you wish to be considered for participation in our referral opportunities. <more>

Healthy Gatherings - Fitness Party!

Another excellent option for the fitness professional is the ability to provide various products and services to current and future clients through a proven system in an established network.  Qualify for this program and you will gain both.    <more>


Small Group Presentations small group wellness presentation

Efficently reaching more people in less time is essential to the Fitness Professional. Speaking or presenting to small groups is an ideal way to accomplish this goal and spread the word of health & wellness.
Authority and social proof are enhanced and new customers more likely.


Master Instructor Trainer

Whether you are a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, yoga instructor, or related, utilizing your experience, training, along with an existing educational program can take your career to an entirely new and rewarding level.  We can assist you in becoming a continuing education specialist.    <more>


Network - Get LinkedIn

While this is not a direct money making program for the fitness professional, networking often leads to new doorways.  Our first suggestion is to attend national as well as local conferences. Don't forget local chambers of commerce and other networking ops.  Finally, LinkedIn is a great on-line program for connecting with people inside and outside your Country of residence.   <more>

Also - @ FaceBook @ Twitter


Wellness Retreat Leader

Provide a great opportunity to current and future clients by offering a wellness retreat at an all-inclusive resort.  Not only will you generate income from the retreat, but will also have a great opportunity to gain the interest of potential clients that otherwise may have shied away.  Multiple amenities are provided to accentuate your program offerings.     <more>


Business Assessment Tool - Alexa

Be on top of competitors and potential business partners.  Download the Alexa tool bar.  Their tool bar provides you a great deal of information about any website you are on. Know their rank, year started, other sites owned.. etc.  Sometimes you just have to play a bit smarter and this free tool will help you do just that.    <more>




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More Business & Presentation Resources -

  • WEBINARS, TRAININGS , group interaction, over the web. We found it's really not all that difficult once we learned of - Instant Tele Seminar
  • Having a system for ATTRACTING NEW CLIENTS is essential. It will help you track and make adjustments to how you bring in new business. If you are looking for a 'turn key' system that you can utilize, check out - Marketing for Fitness
  • Record your own interviews for blog or course content - RecordiaPro

Become a Health & Fitness Author-
There are a number of excellent reasons for you as a professional health and fitness expert to begin writing and submitting articles to online and off line, local, region, and national publications/syndicators. Your material may be general in topic, to industry specific. Why? To begin with, the easiest and most obvious... is to spread the good and accurate word of wellness to the public, which needs it desperately.

You can also create added income and prestige from these articles:

  • Many local, regional, and national publications will pay you $100 to $1000+ for quality content.

  • There are too many to count article distributors that may not pay you but will provide links back to your website, blog, or social networking page. We have utilized to spread information on health and wellness to the general public as well as drive traffic to our consumer sites. CEO Chris Knight has attended our Fit Beach Conference and provides an excellent service. It's great to have an ethical organization (and individual in Chris) on our fitness team.

  • You will increase your search engine positioning and have excellent opportunity to market affiliate or adwords programs around your article content you place on your own web site.

  • Nationally, or within your own community you will position yourself as a true and knowledgeable expert in your field.

Get writing and get your career moving.



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