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  • Workouts for Athletes now offering info and services for coporate athletes (workplace wellness) as well as competetive athletes <more>
  • Fit Bodies picks up first USA resort and we have the opportunity posted at Fit Pro Travel <view>
  • New Account Discount through cyber Monday <more>
  • FPT v2.0 Launch Press Release sent <more>
  • FPT Launch of updated platform. More efficient travel and premium membership benefits <more>
  • Santa Sale complete at Fitness Pro Travel. New membership parameters taking effect soon... Might want to grab the advanced level while benefit/price are where they are.
  • Fit Beach Details are up <more>
  • Your affiliate earnings with Fit Beach <more>
  • Platinum Visa Rewards Card for the Fit Pro <more>
  • NIWH, Health & Lifestyle Coach <more>
  • Re-launch of the heavily re-loaded Fitness Pro Travel is on <more>
  • Completion of Ultimate Ice Wraps Website... beginning marketing campaign. <more>
  • See previous releases for past news.

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MY Fitness Business
Follow the top border links to access Fit Pro business, education, and leisure programs and offerings.

To continue providing life changing services to your fitness clients, the Fitness Professional must do more than create wellness programs. 


Fitness Business Growth"FITNESS BUSINESS & CAREER "
A never ending learning process. We hope you will continue to learn along with us within the FPT Network.

Join the Fit
Pro Network

Networking, promotional tools, member discounts, affiliate earning opportunities, premium account programs.... and all built around an awesome
tropical luxury working vacation as the
resort fitness instructor... join us.





~Fit Bodies, Inc.
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~Vita Bot - Client Nutrition
~Whole Health Education
~System 5 for Trainers
~My Class Pro


Fit Pro Biz is another FIT Launch program. I look forward to Tom Bomar - FitProBonetworking with you and assisting you in taking your fitness business or career to great levels of success.

Connect with me in one of the social media platforms or simply use the contact form on this site if you have any questions.  

Watch for information and updates from the cute blonde next to me in the photo also. My wife and Fitness Presenter Amy Bomar is far smarter on the biomechanics, physiology, etc. and has quite a resume of fitness industry accomplishments. Her contributions are invaluable and will keep our eyes on the clients and the essential educational tools to help us serve them safely and efficiently.





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Fitness Professional Network

Well Worth A Look

Branded Scheduling Solution
Tracking your group classes, bootcamps, fitness camps, managing clients, organizing class signups
.. Made simple

Your Web Presence
Whatever your goal or budget, Simplistic to Robust, we can assist with your fit pro web presence

Mega Marketing for Fitness
A complete client attraction system

Healthy Gatherings Rep
Join a growing team of fitness professionals in this wellness education program

Elite Soccer Coaching
Explosive secrets of motivation and tactics in the game of soccer

Membership Site Owner
Operate your own membership website and see your business diversify and build ongoing residual income

Fit Pro Insiders Club
The Fit Pro Insiders Club is offered periodically to fitness professionals who want to learn skills to advance their business.

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